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with a decisive difference

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Experience shows that too often managers and other employees are hired solely on the basis of excellent reference, and then fail in soft skills, such as reliability, commitment or conscientiousness, or whose personality does not match the values of a company. This can lead to great economic damage in companies. Many companies still only decide which candidates are right for them on the basis of qualifications or management experience, but how do decision-makers know before hiring whether a candidate is reliable, committed, honest and loyal?

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So the question is: Do a candidate's qualifications reveal their personality?

Do you recognize honesty and conscientiousness in potential candidates for a leadership position?

We do.

Because we make

a decisive difference

and offer a custom service, to not only bring you the right candidates at management level, but to evaluate their personality and character traits.

Executive Search • Best staffing, guaranteed

Do at least one of these three scenarios sound familiar?

A |    You have shortlisted three candidates for an important leadership position, and would like a reliable standard to check which person among them is best suited for the role.

B |  You want to hire a CFO and don’t know how to determine whether this person is conscientious and would take care of the company’s finances responsibly.

C |  You want to fit a team to successfully implement a project, but have difficulties in selecting the right team members who fit together both professionally and personally and in terms of commitment?

*That's why: Our custom service - your benefit!

*That's why: Our custom service - your benefit!

Bestbesetzung garantiert!

A „Human Design Personality Analysis“ includes all characteristic aspects of a person, provides information about the „type“ of person with his or her predispositions and characteristics and uncovers many hidden talents. With this new approach in the field of personality development, we not only have a very effective tool, but also the most honest one on the market, which we use for our clients. 

The Human Design System gives you the chance to discover: Who you are! What you can rely on! What you can learn! What your purpose in life is! How your innermost being (body, mind and soul) works!

For you as a candidate, this means that you learn who you really are and can thus understand yourself better in order to shape your career in exactly the way that suits you, your talents, dispositions and your life.

In a company context, this means: your company or your project teams can become more successful and effective because the (real) potential of the employees and their uniqueness can be used optimally – to the satisfaction of each individual employee and to the satisfaction of the company. A „win-win situation“ for all involved and the ultimate goal.

An individual analysis shows in which career environment you can best and most productively use your strengths. It also shows how you, as a manager, can best direct and motivate a team and your employees.

A team analysis describes the skills, strengths and possible weaknesses of a work team as well as the ‚chemistry‘ between the individual members. In a consultation based on the analysis, we work with you to fit together a productive, successful and motivated team that promises maximum efficiency.

[„Human Design“ is a young practice of personality analysis, but is based on teachings thousands of years old, such as astrology, chakra teachings or I-Ging, and on scientific findings from quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics].

What more we can do for you

Our grown experience at management levels of international corporations combined with a unique knowledge of human nature make us a competent partner beyond the topic of personnel consulting. We offer building blocks for your corporate success:

Board Consulting

Are you a young company with very rapid growth? Have you already asked yourself these questions?

  • How do you structure your organisation to transform your success into a scalable model?
  • What challenges lurk in your supply chain management with this growth, and how can mistakes in logistics be avoided?
  • How do you expand your purchasing sources, and does your customer service still match your brand description?
Take a look at this video by Maik Schwede from Swing2Sleep.


Do you have to part with employees or managers, but do not want to risk lengthy legal disputes?

Companies and employees and increasingly required to face the challenges of permanent change. The “job for life” has not existed for a long time, and professional separations from one or more employees are often necessary.

With our separation and counselling concepts, we show the affected employees the way to a new promising future. In this way, the separation becomes an opportunity for a new beginning.

Succession planning

Are you the owner of a family-run business and are facing the difficult task of securing management succession in the foreseeable future?

Through early, forward-looking and structured succession planning, we secure the competitiveness and future viability of your company. We ensure strategic succession within the management levels and the timely filling of key positions in line with requirements – even when employees move up to higher positions and not only leave a gap in the previous position, but also move from colleague to superior.

Second Opinions

Even after several rounds of interviews, are you still not completely convinced by one of the candidates available for selection?

You don’t want to make a mistake when filling such an important position.

We will give you an objective recommendation for your decision.

Our References

Our Clients

What our clients say

"With best2find, you never get the impression that it is only about filling a vacant position. The balance to be struck between the requirements of a position to be filled and the skills of a candidate, which ultimately underpin the success of the company and the satisfaction of the new employee, are clearly at the forefront at best2find."
Ralph Clemens Martin
Board of Directors, EMIRAT AG
"Finally a nice experience with a ‘head-hunter’, where the ‘hunt’ was pleasantly short and, as a result, a suitable ‘head’ could be found and engaged very quickly (within 4 weeks) and convincingly for a challenging position, aggravatingly in a rather tight and complex work area in the combination of Sales and AI-Account Consulting. Very professional, very friendly, very flexible and knowledgeable in the predefined research sector."
Thomas Baierlein
CMO Aimondo AG
"From my point of view, coaching is help for self-help. You learn to become aware of the knowledge and skills you already have, and are thus able to develop these skills further and ultimately reach the next level on the path of professional as well as personal development."
Lars Ehlers
General Manager, TI Automotive GmbH Fuldabrück

Who we are and what we stand for

We at best2find find the best candidates for vacancies. Our Team consists of experts with many years of experience up to the management levels of companies in various industries. 

At best2find, in addition to the competence criteria, our method is about sensitivity, a good feeling for people and for the issues outside of qualifications. Out goal is to ensure that values, personality and company culture also fit together. 

We bring leadership experience from the international business world with us, which is why we see ourselves as advisors in overcoming uncertain situations in everyday leadership for companies and individuals.

Our values
We maintain open and honest dealings with all clients and applicants. We do not promise things that we cannot deliver. If a company has ideas that are hardly realisable on the market, then we address this quite openly and propose solutions that can be implemented. We also give applicants honest feedback about their current career opportunities. Our motto is to always put our cards on the table first, and find the best solution together.
Our claim
We always strive to create win-win situations, i.e. to find an employee who is equipped with the right talents and skills and at the same time feels enthusiasm for the company and the position to be filled. This makes him or her a real asset to our client and enables him or her to realise his or her full potential in the new position.
Our motivation
Working people spend most of their time at work. If this activity or environment is not enjoyable, it significantly reduces quality of life. We believe that everyone should have a job that fulfils them and a work environment where they are valued and respected for their efforts. This is the basis for sustainable success on both sides – for the company and the employee.
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