Bestbesetzung garantiert!

Only the best company for you as a candidate

Bestbesetzung garantiert!

Only the
best company
for you as a candidate

How you as a candidate benefit from us as a headhunter

Why should job seekers approach a headhunter

How do you get the best jobs that are not published? How do you identify the details your future employer is looking for? Is your profile appealing? best2find helps you with critical questions such as these that could help you find your new job.

We also advertise jobs on behalf of our client:

Recognise your needs

A new job is a very individualised experience and a decisive aspect of our personal happiness. Everyone wants a job where they can feel valued, similar to a relationship.

We would like to help you with this important step. We believe in values such as loyalty, gratitude, respect and partnership. In a time when everything is becoming increasingly fast-paced and non-committal, we believe that trust and absolute commitment are priceless.

When things at your company do not harmonise in the long run, when you as an employee no longer feel comfortable in your role, cannot develop further or are even unhappy, the time is ripe to think about a change.

Such a decision is always individual and depends on personal preferences. Where the pay perspective is decisive for one person, the healthy work-life balance is for another, and where one person is looking for security, another is looking for a fast career with exorbitant opportunities for advancement. In the end, it is about the interplay of many things, which in its perfection can lead to harmony and happiness in the job.

We help you find your own personal, professional happiness.

Committed to your wish

What do you want in a new job?

• Lots of appreciation and respectful interaction with your team?
• Great colleagues who support each other?
• A trusting relationship with superiors?
• An interesting job with freedom and the opportunity to develop?
• The security of a large corporation or the family atmosphere of a family business?
• A very good working atmosphere?
• Development prospects and career opportunities?
• An open corporate culture?
• A crisis-proof workplace?
• Recognition for the work you do?
• A relaxed work-life balance?
• Modern work equipment?
• Performance-related remuneration?
We talk openly about your „dream job“ and plan your next possible career step.

Employer assessment

Employer branding has become a widely-used tool to make a good impression on applicants. But how much of it is really true?

The self-portrayal of companies on the internet hardly allows any conclusions to be drawn about the true working atmosphere or working conditions.

With us, you get this information first-hand. We have long-standing contacts with our clients and know the corporate culture and the working atmosphere.

When selecting new companies for our client list, we attach great importance to precisely these points. We want to place you in a new environment with a clear conscience – where you feel comfortable and can pursue your work with pleasure. That is our promise!

Leading negotiations to success

The interviews went well, the recruiter or managing director wants to work with you and you have been offered a contract. Everything is perfect, right? Actually, in retrospect, you have doubts.

Is the salary offered really appropriate? Have you perhaps sold yourself short? You would like to renegotiate your salary, but is that still possible now – and how does such a renegotiation work?

We are at your side as an advisory partner in such tricky situations.

Discreetly and unerringly, we examine your scope for negotiation with our client and provide you with clear recommendations for action and decision-making aids.

Reliability, sincerity and responsibility

We are and remain authentic, because we are aware of the great responsibility we assume both for our clients and for our candidates. That is why we say honestly what we think and remain comprehensible and transparent in our actions. Instead of communicating appreciatively, we prefer to give genuine appreciation. A positive, unbiased and respectful attitude towards each candidate is very important to us. Every candidate deserves to feel like they are number 1.

The approach to trust starts with the first contact. We see ourselves as recruitment consultants committed to discretion, who are not CV traders. This means as a matter of principle, all documents are forwarded only with a candidate’s knowledge and consent.

We also only become active if we are commissioned by a company – usually exclusively – to fill a vacancy.

For us, a candidate is also not just an „anonymous profile“ with which to make a quick buck – we understand his or her individual life situation, professional experience, ideas and wishes and, above all, his or her long-term career plan. We accompany most candidates on a long-term basis over many years.

Honesty is a matter of course for us. We say what we do and we do what we say – and this principle is based on reciprocity. Only in this way can a sincere and long-term relationship develop.

Contact us directly, or apply for one of our current vacancies.


Bestbesetzung garantiert!


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