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What does best2find do?

Our competence - your benefit

Overview of our services

What does best2find do?

Our competence – your benefit!

Overview of our services

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The supreme discipline

Executive Search

Executive search means, above all, actively searching for, approaching and enticing executives away from other companies – all as discreetly as possible, without placing job advertisements. Executive search is therefore the supreme discipline. Top executives are actively and confidentially poached from the competition.
In general, executive search is suitable for the following positions:
  • Positions that involve major budget or personnel responsibility
  • Highly paid positions where mistakes would have a very negative financial impact for the company
  • Positions that are affected by a shortage of skilled workers or that require specialised knowledge, which means that suitable candidates are very rare
How does an executive search work in practice?
A simple job advertisement is not enough to find top personnel for such cases. That is why you have to approach candidates with high potential directly, and establish a good rapport.
  1. Because top executives do not have the time to look for a new job, especially if they are more or less satisfied with their current professional situation. Personnel consultants must therefore use their intuition to establish the basis of contact with these top executives by addressing them directly.
  2. Because a trusting relationship between recruiter and candidate only develops through direct contact, which is very crucial for success. A conversation is initiated and a longer relationship is established. This is the only way a recruiter can discern whether a person really fits the company.
The future of your business

Succession planning

Small and medium-sized enterprises are often family businesses. One of the most important and difficult tasks that all family businesses eventually face is management succession.

Through structured succession planning, we ensure the competitiveness and future viability of your company and provide for strategic and structured succession within the management levels.

Early and forward-looking succession planning enables the timely filling of important key positions.

The best candidates are sometimes found within the family, sometimes within the company, and sometimes just outside the company.

We support you in the internal and external search for the best possible candidates.

The appointment of a new management team paves the way for a sustainable and successful future.
Supervisory bodies in the company

Board Consulting

Board consulting plays a role that should not be underestimated, as supervisory boards have become a subject of public interest.

Functioning supervisory and advisory boards are just as important as good management and boards of directors. The right people on the supervisory or advisory board play a decisive role in determining whether a body can work successfully in the interests of the company.

The tasks of a supervisory or advisory board can vary considerably. Accordingly, the demands on the committee members are often different.

We advise you on the professional staffing of your supervisory bodies and help you find the right personalities. We have fast and direct access to suitable candidates and can present you with a selection of suitable personalities in a short time.
Decision support

Second Opinions

Have you ever been in a situation where, despite several rounds of interviews,you are still not completely convinced by one of the candidates available for selection? You definitely don’t want to make a mistake, because this position is particularly important and has a huge impact within your company.

In such cases, it pays to get an objective second opinion.

The guarantee of an objective candidate assessment is neutrality – as an external personnel consultancy we are always neutral. Through a professional assessment, additional perspectives and insights come to light that were not obvious before.

We get to know you and your company better in order to understand your values and corporate culture. Based on our job analysis, we collaboratively select the most important personality traits of the ideal candidate. To do this, we apply standards for management audits and combine them with an assessment of the professional background and potential of the candidates in question.

The assessment is backed by scientific personality analyses. In the end, you will receive a clear and objective recommendation for a decision.

Fee: Hourly or daily rate, depending on the scope and number of candidates.

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Employee retention for mutual success

Coaching | Onboarding

Whether your new employee is satisfied or not, whether he or she develops loyalty or only sees your workplace as a pit stop:

A new employee’s attitude towards the company is decided in the first few days of work!

Research has confirmed that it is precisely the first few working days which determine a new employee’s attitude towards a new company.

If a mistake is made during onboarding, it is incredibly difficult to make up for it later. The first impression is formative – and persistent.

Those who wait until a new employee has „warmed up“ before gradually building a mutually rewarding relationship are often too late.

Employee retention must start on the first day of recruitment! That is crucial for optimal processes in the company and lasting employee loyalty.

Studies show that 80% of employees who terminate within the first six months made that decision on the first day of work, consciously or unconsciously. This shows just how important the beginning of the employment relationship is for employee retention.

We support you in getting off to the perfect start with your new employees.

Contact us to find the perfect candidate for your company, or the perfect company for you as a candidate.


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