Bestbesetzung garantiert!

Only the best candidates for your company

Bestbesetzung garantiert!

Only the
best canidates
for your company


… You have hired a promising CFO with the best references and qualifications out of three candidates. But after some time there are discrepancies in the balance sheets and discrepancies within the management level in your company. It becomes more and more apparent that the personality of your new CFO does not really fit with your corporate culture.

Hired for qualifications, fired for personality?

[Do you know this phenomenon?]

Here is a little true story:

that happened in a company a few years ago: A CFO who arranged a transfer of a very high five-digit amount to a supplier – who had already been insolvent for 6 months. And this despite the fact that there was neither an invoice nor a request for payment from this supplier.
„There is no such thing!“, you say? The CEO at the time didn’t believe that either and retrospectively twisted the events into his truth in order to protect the CFO. So-called „truth makers“ managers do not see the truth, but can cause great damage with their negligent behaviour in an untrustworthy personality. But how do companies recognise such „truth makers“ before they are hired?

We bring together who really match together.

Understanding your needs

Every staffing assignment is very individual. It is about finding the right person - matching the needs of a company and integrated into the context of a specific position.

This requires sensitivity, knowledge of human nature and a feel for corporate cultures and teams.

What contribution does the new employee make and what impact does this have on his colleagues, employees, customers and other stakeholders?

The best employees - your guarantee of success

The success of filling a position depends to a large extent on the extent to which the placed candidate successfully masters the tasks of the position in practice. This can be seen afterwards in the results that the new employee achieves.

An A-employee will exceed his or her goals and achieve them faster than expected. The higher your percentage of A-employees, the greater your company's success.

The most important success factor of a company is its employees. For managers, this factor is multiplied by the number of the team they lead. Don't leave your company's success to chance and consistently rely on A-employees - just like the most successful companies like Apple or Google do.

Personal approach

The best candidates are approached by many headhunters and companies every day. How can you still manage to be heard among so many approaches?

By a personal and appreciative individual approach that is geared to the candidate's needs. By continuously building up a talent pool of high potentials who are open to new challenges as soon as the right opportunity presents itself.

This requires trust - trust in us and our clients. A promise that we only propose top employers for whom we stand with our name.

Candidate assessment

You have a strategically important position to fill and are unsure which candidate is best suited? We have the solution for you.

Using sound scientific personality tests
, we quickly and unerringly prove which employee is best suited for the position. Wrong decisions, which can be really expensive, can thus be avoided.

Leading negotiations to success

Candidates who are highly sought after and in high demand on the market will receive many offers. The likelihood that such a candidate will choose your offer does not only depend on the money you offer them. There are many other values, especially among the younger generation, that are now more important. These include training opportunities, promotion prospects, healthy work-life balance, travel, working atmosphere, team spirit, etc..

These things often tip the scales and cause a decision for or against an offer. We help you to ensure that your negotiations with your desired candidates are as successful as possible.

Trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility

A respectful and open, honest approach based on mutual trust with all parties involved is our guiding principle.

We do not promise things that we cannot deliver. If a company has ideas that are hardly realisable on the market, then we address this quite openly and propose solutions that can be implemented. Our motto is to always first put the cards on the table and then find out together which solution is the best.

We give our clients the promise and the security that we will do everything to find not only the best, but the very best candidates for them. Quickly and precisely. Your success is our success.

Contact us to find the perfect candidate for your company too.

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