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Note: The video clips with Vera Beutnagel published here are currently only available in German.

How do you get the perfect job?


Vera Beutnagel on the TV talk show "Wege zum Erfolg" (Ways to Success)

Vera Beutnagel is an expert in executive search. With her keen sense for people and the use of the right tools, she guarantees companies a perfect fit and applicants an optimal next career step.

Excerpt from the RheinMainTV TV talk show from 04 December 2021

(The whole programme in full length can be seen on Youtube.)


Vera Beutnagel as guest of Martina Hautau: „Course Correction – Living in Relationships“

The most important questions for a change from job to vocation – or in employment:

Min. 1:20 – How many people are already living their vocation? Do most people do their job just for the money?

Min. 2:00 – What does „living a vocation“ actually mean?

Min. 2:58 – What are the key facts about how companies advertise jobs nowadays? And how do you reach the experts who are currently in a job?

Min. 4:30 – Are you latently willing to change your job because it’s not so perfect, but you don’t have time to apply?

Min. 6:30 – What is the application process like? What does a CV have to look like?

Min. 7:25 – Which questions in the job interview really help both sides?

The video in full length is available at MARTINA HAUTAU TV

Min. 8:48 – How can uncertainties on both sides be clarified in advance? What added value can personality tests give?

Min. 10:24 – „Promoted“ to the next higher management level, only to realise that this position does not live up to the potential after all…. How does one deal with this? What recommendations help to make the right decisions when choosing leaders from your own ranks?

Min. 12:10 – More salary or more work-life balance? Which is more important to applicants? Where is the trend going?

Min. 14:02 – 50 plus: How great is the need for skilled workers? What are the arguments in favour of applicants of this age group, and why is there no reason not to hire applicants over 50 or 60?

Min. 17:30 – What tips does Vera Beutnagel give to the question: What does it take for the courage to change from work to vocation? What decisions does it take to take on a particular job?

2020 | Publications | Book by Arun Kohli (written in german)

The key to personal development – EFFECTIVE COACHING

How to discover your own leadership style in a self-determined way

Personal coaching is extraordinarily productive. Through honest and unfiltered self-reflection under the guidance of a coach, the client gains insights into his self and the effect he has on other people, he understands the difference between self-image and public image. The result is an improvement in his leadership style, which will have a positive effect on the staff.

However, misconceptions, ambiguities and distortions often determine the image of personal coaching. Coaching is neither therapy nor professional management consulting. This would miss the true essence of coaching. Arun Kohli, an experienced executive coach, sets the record straight about the work of a coach in this much-needed book. He describes when and why coaching works and the change it can bring about.

2016 | Publications | Book by Arun Kohli 

Effective Coaching, and the Fallacy of Sustainable Change

How to find your own self-determined leadership style.

This book provides an evidence-based discussion of two critical areas of increasing importance in both business and personal development: Coaching and the role of the coach. Does coaching work? If so, for whom does it add value and what is it really about? Nowadays, it seems that just about everyone in the personal services sector is a coach. Is it just another modern term or a buzzword for something that other disciplines already offer? This book attempts to provide clear answers to these questions by providing a thought-provoking and insightful narrative that is likely to have a lasting impact on the industry and its potential clients.

More interesting insights into Executive Coaching and Intercultural Sensitisation by Arun Kohli


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