6 Strategic Steps to Your Best Candidate

6 Strategic Steps to Your Best Candidate

Positioning: Market, organisation and people
Positioning: Market, organisation and people
You can only recruit and retain the best employees if these employees feel comfortable in your company Therefore, we set basic requirements for companies we work with.

Our clients are selected according to these criteria:

Our clients are sustainable companies, which is necessary for an appreciative culture of trust. Your employees have fun at work and live a life of positivity. Our clients offer attractive, market value pay, a healthy work-life balance, and an environment in which genuine commitment is valued and rewarded accordingly. There is a culture of open communication and feedback. The further education and development of employees is promoted.

The most common reasons employees leave a company are as follows:

  • Problems with leadership style or chemistry with supervisor
  • Work and tasks do not meet expectations
  • Corporate culture, team and employees do not harmonise
  • There is a lack of positive feedback and recognition
  • Insufficient promotion opportunities and prospects
Our clients offer their employees a working environment that motivates them to perform at their best.
Search and find: The right applicant for your company
Search and find: The right applicant for your company
Employees rarely become better than their superiors, and companies never become better than their employees. That is why it is our concern to select only the best for your company. How can you identify the best holistically and systematically? We have numerous methods.

Many indications point to the c commitment, the interests, the enthusiasm for the job, the ambitions and the sense of achievement of a candidate, which are tapped by clever questions in the interview.

  • A-employees are absolute high-performers, who contribute significantly to the success of the company with their strong will to perform and high degree of identification with the company. They are exceptionally committed, have a strong drive to get things done and are interested in their own advancement. Their motivation is usually not monetary, but comes from an inner drive and the joy of high performance. You can always count on such employees to inspire others on the team and have a positive influence on the working atmosphere.

  • A-employees want to take on projects and responsibilities on their own. They expect qualified further training, are eager for freedom and want to inspire superiors with their ideas.
Such employees drive your company forward.
An employee’s skill level – whether average or excellent – makes a huge difference in software development. If you want to impress clients, satisfactory performance by B-employees is not enough.

Surely you also have such A-employee types in your company: They do not perform ten or twenty percent more than the average, but twice or three times as much. Almost every investment is worth it!
Personality Structure
Personality Structure
When filling vacancies, many companies usually pay more attention to the professional qualifications of applicants than to their intrinsic motivation and the nature of their personality, even though these features are just as relevant.

Whether or not a candidate has the right personality for a certain job is usually only seen later, when it is already too late…

The right personality is therefore crucial. The following things should definitely be observed:

  • Can the candidate connect with a variety of clients?
  • Does the candidate have the ability to lead and inspire a team?
  • Do the candidate’s individual drives fit the role and the job?
Identifying these things in advance – whether the “chemistry” between the applicant and the new job is right – requires care and reflection. But the effort is worth it when you think of the costs and subsequent problems of a miscast.
Our recommendation
Our recommendation
When we recommend a candidate, we do so not only on the basis of his or her technical knowledge and professional experience, but we check very carefully beforehand whether he or she really fits in with a company. The personality, motivation to change, career aspirations etc. are taken into account in the same way.

This is the only way we can ensure that a placed candidate remains with the company in the long term and does not start looking for a job again after 1-2 years because his or her career aspirations cannot be mapped in the company.
Onboarding: The successful start
Onboarding: The successful start
Whether a new employee is satisfied or not, whether he or she develops loyalty or only sees the workplace as a stopover: A new employee’s attitude towards the company is already decided in the first days of work!

Employee retention begins with onboarding; it should never end!

With every placement we take on the responsibility of making “the newcomer” feel comfortable in the company. A professional onboarding process is a basic prerequisite for this.
Data protection: Confidentiality
Data protection: Confidentiality
We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. Since both the protection of your privacy and the protection of our clients are quite essential for us, we will treat your personal data with absolute confidentiality in compliance with the applicable data protection provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will neither publish your data nor pass it on to third parties without your explicit permission.

Before we pass on any data, we talk to each candidate in detail about the potential new employer and the job offer.

Our clients have also committed themselves to absolute confidentiality when working with us. This enables us to ensure that no information about the application process leaks out for candidates who are in an existing employment relationship.

Contact us to find the perfect candidate for your company, or the perfect company for you as a candidate.


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